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Fantoni op Stockholm F&L Fair

Fantoni op Stockholm F&L Fair


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An opportunity to become familiar with Fantoni group: we work, daily, on state-of-the-art office solutions, by investigating the evolving world of work, including its sociological aspects, and responding to the need for both
a social life and privacy in the workplace, to create flexible workspaces and intelligent working environments.

Come and discover our acoustic pod “Acoustic Room” for small meeting areas or closed spaces for those in need of privacy.

And don’t forget our acoustic solutions, a range of high performing sound-absorbing systems which improve the quality of acoustics in every public space, from restaurants to theatres, from schools to offices.
Our products, Woods and Acoustic Room, contribute to create a comfortable environment, with pleasant acoustics, as well as great aesthetics.

See you at Stockholm Fair, stand A27:29, from 6 to 10 February 2018!